Dear Black Dad

Dear Black Dad


Congratulations on being a member of the greatest fraternity on the face of the earth. Now, how you got here is less important than how you show up. And that is why Journacy exist. For the men who have decided that fatherhood is more than an obligation. For men, like you: excited, terrified, overjoyed and overwhelmed. You have no idea how you’re going to get this thing, but you have every intention of showing up with all you don’t even know to give because you just want your little ball of love and energy to receive daddy’s very best. 

We see you, dad. We honor you by creating products and space that acknowledge your unmistakably unique journey of changing diapers, warming bottles, daddy outings, reading stories, preparing for bed and dropping off for school. We honor that it may be different from mommy but that is exactly what makes it special. 

We see you, dad. We celebrate YOUR dreams, visions and aspirations for your children. The ones that wake you up for whatever kind of work you do. The ones that keep you up at night because you know you‘re not everything you want to be or have all that you believe you need to have, to leave the legacy you want. But those dreams, visions and aspirations also remind you that YOU ARE, even as you grow, EXACTLY WHAT Your CHILDREN NEED.

YOU ARE THEIR DADDY. And will show up every day you’re given life, for them. At Journacy, we promise that we will show up for you as you do.