Our Final Farewell

A little over a year ago, we set out to create a product that specifically celebrated Black fathers and their unique JOURNEY to create LEGACY for their children. JOURNACY. We designed a bag that spoke directly to Black Dads and built a community to serve Black Dads. We partnered with our amazing brothers at Black Men Smile to celebrate the love Black fathers have for their children. And we engaged Black fathers, some recognizable, and others simply recognized as amazing dads, and shared stories, imagery and inspiration.

We intentionally produced a limited run of 1500 bags. The Journacy Bag was designed to be special. The Journacy Bag was designed to be shared with a group of men who view fatherhood, not as a responsibility, but an honor. Journacy as a brand was about giving those men something no other brand was willing to give. Acknowledgement of the existence of Black Fatherhood as something so important, that it deserved its own unique product to support the men walking in it. And we did that. Our season has come to an end. As we only have 200 of our 1500 limited run left. So, we will be no more in 2022. Hard core proverbial mic drop. We served the purpose we were committed to and now it is time for our necessary ending. But we could not just leave you as a member of the special fraternity carrying us with you on your journey. We had to say thank you. 

Thank you. To the Black Dads carrying who believe that Journacy is worthy of walking with you as you father your babies. Thank you to every man and woman who saw Journacy and gifted the bag to a father you love. Thank you to every person who shared our brand with a man you thought so much of as a father, that you wanted him to know we existed. Thank you to our community who made our goal of celebrating Black Dads’ JOURNACY real. We love you, and pray that you will continue to acknowledge, celebrate, and share the profoundly brilliant stories of Black Fathers on their Journey to create Legacy for their children.


In Service,

The Journacy Family